2 original witbox not working since we bought them 4 years ago!

  • To whom it may concern. 

    I purchase two witboxes about 4 years ago. I both them becuase my friend Denit Peleg was using her to print flexible filament . She created textiles and made dresses, since them we been trying with out any success.
    The machines were purchase from a person that claimed his uncle owns the company... from the minute we both the machines we knew there was somehting wrong with them. The LCDs screens blink little letters and numbers and have difficulty displaying the directions. One of the SDHC does not click when inserted.
    We have not been able to print with the fila flex.
    Please HELP !!!! this has been the most frustrating machine we ever bought. 


    DesignLab Miami


    I can also be reach on "WhatsApp"

    P.S can you please recommend a person that can come to the studio and fix all the problems.

    Thank you

  • MVP

    Can you share some pictures of the screen with this strange characters and pictures of failed prints?

  • Moderador

    Hello @{Angie 305},

    First of all I recommend you to update the firmware of your printer. For that, you can use our Firware Updater.

    If the problem persists, the best way to study your case is through our support team. Please, send some pictures of the LCD failures to support.3d@bq.com and they will contact you as soon as possible.

    Best regards,