After CM13.1 Update (OTA)-FlirOne Camera not working anymore -USB problem?

  • Hello,

    I have updated the Software from CM12.1 to CM13.1 via OTA
    on my BQ X5 cyanogen. Afterwards the FlirOne app did not anymore
    recognize the FlirOne camera (connected via USB). The camera was working
    fine before the update and needed only the app to be operated with. So I
    uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall it again via the "Play
    Store", but I got the message: "your device is not compatible.."!

    1) Did I missed any new settings to be done with the CM13.1 or any new driver to be installed?

    2) Is an update of CM13.1 expected to solve the issue, if (1) is not working (of course if it is a general issue with CM13.1.)

    Is it necessary to go back to CM12.1, if (2) is not working) and if yes
    how to do to recover afterwards with less efforts as possible the lost
    data, settings etc.?

    If anyone out there could give me a hint how to overcome this issue it would save my day!


    muchas gracias