Switching data SIM

  • sorry for writing English, maybe an additional English speaking section would be helpful for all fans abroad 😉
    It's a long way to switch network data connection from SIM1 to SIM2 or vice versa.
    After reassigning data-SIM, connection speed must usually also be adjusted from 2G to 4G.

    Could it be adjusted automatically by default?

    So if you have currently

    Data on SIM1, and 4G on SIM1 and 2G on SIM2

    and switch data from SIM1 to SIM2 then
    4G should get assigned to SIM2 and 2G to SIM1 automatically by default.

    I think this should be still adjustable manually but by default a data switch should automatically result in a data speed switch.

    best regards to Spain - nice work

  • Have you tried switching off SIM1, and once you have data and 4G on SIM2, switch on SIM1 again?


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  • If you have data and 3G/4G on SIM1 and switch SIM1 off then
    SIM2 gets data but remain at 2G

    It would be nice if the data SIM gets 3G/4G automatically but it isn't by now

    maybe a possibility for improvement in future software

    best regards

  • I agree, there should be a widget or a config switch to allow changing both in just one touch.

  • Hi, I already suggest this improvement in a prvevious post. Hope in a near future!

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