Escanear "bien"

  • hi

    I got my ciclop more or less 2 weeks ago. it is mounted and I am able to calibrate with the restriction that I do not understand how to optimize the camera settings to get a proper result.
    first problem: scanning with 2 lasers gives me a "double " point-cloud. I mean that the left laser scan does not coincide with the one of the right laser. ----> work around: scanning with only one
    second problem: what to do to eliminate the swoosh at scan time, especially when inside the hollow parts of the object. To prevent inadequate counseling (saving time of us all) I give following environment data: light is diffuse, no shadows. I succeeded to produce a configuration of camera (with subsequent complete calibration for texture scan) which has very little swoosh, but I am unable to reproduce for texture scan and also am I unable to reproduce this configuration from scratch. I am probably lacking some information.

    - when should the ciclop be calibrated? (consider mainly non texture scan and the ciclop fixed to a stable support to grant it's physical stability)
    - is there any possibility to change from one to two laser scanning without calibrating?
    - does a better camera also improve scanning capability

    thanks a lot for answers

    ps: disculpad el ingles que es mas facil para mi. respuestas en español estan tambien bienvenidas!

  • Es bueno calibrar tras encender al arrancar Horus ;). El tema de los láseres, ocurre lo mismo. Si se cambia la cámara se puede dar una mejor resolución, pero es necesario modificar el programa Horus.