Putting Marlin and Hephestos 1.4.2 firmware together

  • Hi,

    I ran into a problem, i've added the following things to my Prusa i3 Hephestos:
    - Heated bed
    - Second extruder

    Now i want to use the newest firmware but cant find a good manual to compile the firmware, i've downloaded the newest marlin and hephestos 1.4.2 firmware.
    I'm stuck at how to put these two together, can anyone tell me how to proceed?

    With kind regards,


  • Hi @Bigfoot48,

    Please add a photo of this machine with two extruders. Hephestos firmware version 1.4.2 is not designed for a second extruder and only has one. I recommend you use the original Marlin Firmware.


    ¿Puedes añadir una foto de tu impresora? El firmware 1.4.2 de Hephestos no está del todo diseñado para un segundo extrusor, ya que tiene uno. Yo te recomiendo que uses el firmware original de Marlin.