Laggy transitions and animations

  • Hi. Im from Portugal and i recently bought the E5 FHD. Is it normal to be laggy when i dont run a cleaner?

    I mean, everytime i run the cleaner it gets as smoother as it gets but 1 minute later is all lagged. Any solution? Giving a bad review rate because of this, otherwise the phone would get a massive rate.

  • Hi, if you had laggy transitions you have two options.
    1°:Look all the apps you have and see if there are running in background, try to keep the memory as clean as possible.
    2°: Do a hard reset, its a process that wipes all your phone data, your phone will be in the same way when you bought it.

  • Tienes el hilo del Aquaris E5FHD en portugués, si te resulta más fácil realizar las consultas o dudas:

  • Aplicações deixá-los abrir ou fechar? Se você parar de multitarefa será executado em segundo plano e, portanto, melhora quando se utiliza o cm
    ele também monitora qualquer aplicação de publicidade intrusiva não tiver instalado

    uma saudação

  • Hello!
    I've performed the hard reset you suggested and it runs fine now. Thanks for your help 🙂