Kit Robotica - some observations about parts and info

  • Hi, 
    is bq planning to sell any different Kit robotica? 
    I mean, this one is cool, but it would be interesting to see different components in it...

    The Freeduino card is fine, good choice
    Leds - ok, they are part of any start up kit, great to learn how  thing work
    Servos - Fine,  mini servos and continuous servos are great, no probs here
    Ir sensors - ok, great 
    button - Ok
    potentiometer - Ok, a bit big but ok

    Bluetooth module - I have other post asking for the code, as ai could not put it to work, 
    but, i replace it for one i have and it worked...

    Light sensor (2x) - the sensors are good, but why 2? 

    Buzzer - Do we really need this? It only makes "bip" ...
    ok ok changing delay and frequency you can get more sounds from it... but not a cool thing...

    It would be much more cool if for example you had  a temperature/humidity sensor instead of Buzzer. The price i guess would be very similar.
    Why not have 2 or 3 kits with different components?

    About documentation in the Kit, it has the basics, but it has no info about the bluetooth module. I should have.
    And for Portuguese market, you should have instructions in Portuguese, i know we do understand a bit Spanish but it would be better to have it in our own language.