Error al reinstalar firmware

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    He tenido un proble reinstalando la firmware... y despues de darme el siguiente error no volvió a encender...:

    Common Hint: For SP Flash Tool issues: 

    Please supply your tool version, GUI screen shot, and tool logs when you encounter trouble with the latest tool. How to obtain the tool logs? 

    1. Run the tool; 
    2. Press Ctrl+Alt+t(Tool Title Hint: Runtime Trace Mode); 
    3. [Menu]Help-[SubMenu]Open logs folder. 

    SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : (8045)  

    No valid Partition Management Table (PMT) for storage device!
    Please make sure there is a correct load in the target.
    "Firmware Upgrade" could not be executed without PMT!
    Please "Download" ONLY first to create PMT on the target!
     Necesito ayuda!!!

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