Firmware Update to 1.0.1 Problem on FNAC 7"

  • I have several problems after firmware update to version 1.0.1.

    Started update with battery fully charged. Run RK30update exactly as stated on video tutorial.
    Every run smooth without any problem. As per the tuturial, after the update the tablet restarts to update.
    Start formatting some partitions and then just went blank.
    Trying to start the tablet just shows battery empty sign and shuts again, even when connected to PC USB port.
    After some tries I found out that connected to charger it was possible to start the tablet however after starting it shows android welcome screen but touch screen is not working so it is not possible to finish initial setup.
    Managed to get to recovery again and flash both with same version and with previous version with same result.
    Emailed technical support but so far no answer.
    Has anyone had this issue? Solutions?

  • If you had contact with technical support, please waiting his answer.