Bq Curie 2 3G - First Impressions - Fixes

  • Hi members and Bq admins. I am writing in English because my Spanish is not too good, but you can answer in Spanish that I will perfectly understand it.

    I just bought a Bq Curie 2 3G. I've came from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Tab 8.9 and an Ipad3. So I think I have already some experience in the tablet world. I also work for a Portuguese Carrier.

    First impressions are great. I just love this tablet. 4:3 format in 8 inches display are awesome for portability and usability. Screen is great and construction quality is also great. Much better that I was expecting for a low cost unit.

    I will just focus on the negative things that I've found in order for Bq to be able to improve in future firmware releases. I love this Tablet and all the rest is great.

    So, things to improve:

    -While in 3G mode, while registered to a carrier (in this case Vodafone Portugal) the carrier name is not displayed. Instead, I can only see the MCC-MNC of the carrier (26801 in this case) this can be a problem if I'm in Roaming and I want to check if the device has registered to the right Roaming Carrier. I think this can be fixed by editing (adding carriers) to the preloaded_config.xml in the system/etc folder.. (this requires root to change..)

    -Camera focus in Movie mode. Sometimes the camera will loose focus while recording video.

    -HW codecs for movies. While watching some HD (720p) content I did noticed some fps drops in some moving scenes. The CPU+GPU specs should be able to perfectly process this but in some scenes they cannot. I believe that this might be the codecs/drivers for the GPU.

    -Light sensor is too sensitive. I've found the light sensor to be too sensitive. While in auto brightness I think the display is too dark. It should be a little less darker. You could increase the brightness in auto-mode or add a gain slider that I can adjust the auto-brightness level (my samsung galaxy has that you can copy the code)

    -Stock browser should have a full screen mode to use all the 8 inches display in browsing. This is a small tablet. All the inches are precious..Im not talking about the fast controls (controlos rapidos) in the "Labs" session, I am talking about the "full screen mode" also in this Labs session available on other devices (my samsung galaxy by ex)

    -micro-USB cable. I've seen some complains about some users not being able to charge their device at fully 100%. This is caused by low quality micro-USB cable. Also happened to me (and previously on other devices. aswell) This is solved by using a better quality micro-USB cable. With low quality cables the energy will strouggle to navigate through the cable and will take much longer to fully charge the device. The charger is 2.1A per hour, and the battery has a capacity of 5A. With a good cable a full charge should not take more thant 2,5hours.

    And that's all for now. I'm only using it for a couple of days. And I am loving it. If you could improve these issues the tablet would be Perfect!! 🙂

    Beste regards.

  • Thanks for your impressions. It is very useful any opinion in this community. 😉