How To ROOT bq Maxwell Android v4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)

    Steps of the method:

    1 - Download .

    2 - Extract using 7zip, winzip, winrar, unzip ... or another application decompression.


    • Put your Tablet in USB debugging mode. Enable "USB DEBUGGING" from
      (Menu \ Settings \ Applications \ Development) in the Android  2.1 or
      2.2 versions. In the new version is in (Menu \ Settings \ Options
      Development). and Check the Stay awake Option right above in the menu

    • Windows users only:. Sure the Android drivers for your Tablet are
      installed in your PC. Otherwise, you can find some drivers on this page.
      5 - Connect your Tablet to the PC with the USB cable .

      6 - Once the Tablet is recognized correctly, go to the motochopper file and run the run.bat file
            (Launch "run.bat" in Windows or "" in OSX or Linux).

      7.-When a pop-up window, click any key to continue.

      message appears On your pc say that the operation succed After waiting a
      short period of time, you are prompted to click any button to make the
      Tablet restarting.

      9 -. Click any button and your Tablet will restart.

      -. If you want to check if you are root or superuser in your Android
      Tablet or tablet, you can download the app "HowToRoot" Google Play Store
      and click on the (link) link in the upper right corner of the screen.
      It will show a message if your device is Roote or not.

      You can Try this root on another bq Tablets BUT ON YOUR OWN RISK
      please if it works for you please tell Us !! 😉

      Downloads :
      The motochopper root:

      Générique Android USB Driver (Windows Only):

      Enjoy !! :laugh: