Some comments about Aquaris5

  • Hi all,

    I am from Germany, and it looks like I am the only one outside Spain / Portugal who has this great new Phone.

    First day with it and just 3 remarks I'd like to get your opinion:
    1) GPS is somewhat difficult, but this topic is well discussed as I see. Hope for a fix.
    2) The home screen can carry a 5th line of icons without problems. The large gaps below the search bar at the top and the one above the fixed icons on the bottom is wasted space.
    3) In AOSP there is a manue to disable sounds and vibrations at certain daytimes on certain weekdays. This option is missing completely. Instead you only can switch on / off the phone by clock.

    So if the GPS requires a software update, may be the other points could be taken into account too?

    To the quality and first impressions, anything was sayed in the other spanish thread before. It is worth the price and it feels better and it works better than I expected. But I do kernel and Android programming for some years now and I have see so much china crap... I am really happy with this piece of hardware.

    Regarding hardware... Why no notification LED?

    Best regards

  • As you know bq installs few applications. all of them clean unadorned, of the desktop space, it resolves to a different launcher (Apex, Nova, etc.)

    We hope to solve it from the GPS.

    Thank you for your advice, always good someone with your experience, which provides another point of view. We are open to suggestions. 😉


    Much sounds me that nick, maybe xda?

  • Hi Peterico,

    yes, XDA and a lot of other forums. But no Mediateḱ chip... till today 😉

    But I just started to read through the available sources. No time to compile everything myself for now.


  • There seems to be another small inconsitency in the Radio Stack of the Mediatek.

    While heavy WLAN communication the Bluetooth is interrupted. 
    Simple testcase:
    - Setup Bluetoth for A2DP counterpart (I use my cars handsfree set that supports Hifi Stereo A2DP profile)
    - Let some music stream
    - Cause some WiFi traffic. 
    Simple way is to leave the WiFi zone. In the moment where the WiFi system tries to reconnect several times while loosing signal, audio is going to stutter and break lots of times.
    Same when entering the Wifi zone again.

    I know this stuttering from several older custom ROMs of the Desire HD handset. Both, AOSP and CM7/9 had this stuttering. With newer CM10 releases it does not appear anymore. But I have to find out if it is kernel or Android related. I guess it is a kernel driver thing, as it probably does not set correct priorities to the WiFi/BT packet ratio.

    Unfortunately I can only test that in my car, I do not have any BT Headset supporting high quality audio.

    For me it is only a minor problem as the audio works fine as long as the car does not leave or enter known WiFi networks. Using cable connected Headphones and streaming accross WiFi there is no issue at all.

    Ah, someone mentioned the audio quality of the phone, using the included ear-pieces... I didn't use them, but the Aquaris 5 can drive my Sennheiser HD475 and HD500 with really good quality.


  • Astralix dijo:
    Hi Peterico,

    yes, XDA and a lot of other forums. But no Mediateḱ chip... till today 😉

    But I just started to read through the available sources. No time to compile everything myself for now.


    I'm glad that you've landed with us and our mobile, if anything, need you ask and if my hand is facilitation for you,

    As for what's WIFI/BT, will refer it to our development team, we had news, but we thought that were isolated cases

    I know that you move with Odix and HTC


  • Yes, I used the DHD as my primary phone and thought it could retire now. But until GPS problem is solved I will have to take it out of its retirement box now and then...

    For GPS, I did some testing with official software like "GPS Status" App.
    What I can see is, that right on the start, the system sees 12 SATs that are listed existent, but not decoded as signal is too weak (one line of gray in the frequency scale, 1-dot point in the compass view)

    After 5 minutes this picture did not change, even I reloaded fresh AGPS data after 2min. 

    Then I changed place what normally should result in some SATs disappearing and may be some others should be received better. Instead nothing had changed. The system sees 12 SATs (+/- 1) but cannot decode its data because of low signal.

    After that I reset all AGPS data. Within the next 20s 7 of 14 SATs where received and I got a lock. I had several big green bars on the channel scale and some mediate values. 

    Then I close GPS (locked the phone) went back to the first position and tried again. No lock. could be, that the same 12 SATs where shown in gray that I saw first time.

    Now, a day later and at the company, I tried again but cannot get any lock, just 10 grey SATs in the channel scale right after 2 seconds. No fix. I went outdoors instead of at the window and got an additional grey SAT.
    After about 3 minutes suddebly 7 of the 11 SATs popped to high level green and I got a fix.

    Looks a bit like the SATs data is decoded only if the reception is very good instead of trying to decode even low signal data. The behaviour is somewhat unusual of this GPS system. The other systems I know receive whatever they can, so on trying to get a fix, they count up like 1..3..4..FIX..7..9.. But this one is like  0..0..0..7 FIX.

    But someone told me that you're already at it and so I just sit back and relax for the moment. No trip planned for the next two weeks, so GPS isn't that important.

  • Good, if you do manage to medium with the Spanish, see this link, along with that, use the latest version of Sygic which goes best with mediatek:


  • Hi!

    I installed that tool. Testing and setting GPS options seem to work without root. I'll check if logging of data to SD works and if the data gives information about a possible rootcause of the problem.


  • Sygic downloads now. I normally used Navigon software for navigation what is free for T-Mobile customers (even it is limited a bit compared to the payed version) but it refuses the phone. It tells it is not compliant with it.

    I'll check with sygic tomorrow my trip to the company and report back.

    But as I saw the GPS subsystem is pretty rough. It needs lots of satellites to report valid data before it tells it is fixed. Like all or nothing method.


    I yesterday followed the MTK developer tool instructions for setting up GPS. Today I used sygic to show current position while driving to work. It was worse than yesterday with google maps.

    Fix needed about 8 minutes even after 3 minutes I had contantly 3 or more bars for satellites.
    I got many alerts for speeding as I was driving 70+ on a motorway but sygic pointed me to be on small ways or even town roads up to 500m left or right from my true position. Offset to right of current movement axis is still the preferred offset of the GPS system.

    Followin the instructions for MTK devel tool does not fix anything on the long term. 
    sygic navigation system is even worse compared to google maps. 

    I hope I'll find my way to the barbeque invitation this evening.


  • Haha, very good, is rare, since something users would, doing the same thing better

    What I do is get the EPO file and using the MTK, position the satellites of Nokia instead of Google, by default are these and not let you save the changes, but operates momentarily

  • For the forum I keep it short:

    updating EPO file is not solving the problem and messing around with developer tools is not a solution for normal customers.

    The long analysis of what I saw I sent you by email. 🙂


  • OK, received and answered.