BQ Aquarius X Pro won't connect to home saved wifi

  • BQ aquarius X Pro

    Android 8.1.0

    Build 2.11.0_20191121-1510

    A few months ago my phone STOPPED connecting to my saved home wifi. 

    It still connects to other saved wifi, but no longer to  my home wifi. 

    As far as I  know nothing has changed with the wifi network. I  have other devices that are working on the home wifi just fine. 

    I have already tried:

    • Deleting and re-adding the wifi network
    • Turning off and on WLAN on the phone
    • Turning the phone off and on
    • Turning off Bluetooth and mobile data on the phone
    • Trying to connect to the wifi router via WPS 
    • Deleting a VPN app I installed before the problem
    • Checking in my wifi router if there is any blocking of my phone.  There is not.
    • Manually adding the MAC of my phone to the wifi router wireless device list.
    • Wipe data / factory reset  on the phone

    Still does not work. It only shows the wifi network as 'saved' and will not connect, even after tapping it and tapping 'connect'.

    Please help if you have had the same issue.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I also tried the BQ Firmware Flash Tool v5, but after it downloads and unzips the firmware it gave the error 'There was an error flashing your device -- Try unplugging and retrying OR re-downloading the Firmwares'. Which I tried (multiple times), but the same error kept occurring.

    Edit2: I also already tried 'Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth'
    That did not help either.

  • Administrador

  • Hello @CarlosMa
    I did. They sent me here.

  • Administrador

    @Goliath tendrás que volver a contactar con ellos. Si el Hard Reset no funciona, habrá que revisar el dispositivo en el SAT.

    Un saludo