​Bought 2nd hand Aquaris X but it has 'encrochat' ? on it?

  • Bought 2nd hand Aquaris X but it has 'encrochat' ? on it?


    My son bought a Aquaris X phone through a local dutch market place for about 175 (as a small birthday gift) and all seemed ok. 

    Once it arrived we noticed the OS being a bit weird and limited, it almost feels like some sort of safe mode. And it only boots into that when u turn it off and put the charge cable in there and it automatically turns on.

    I already filed a support ticket however, some technician sent me a BQ firmware tool (3.04) but i can't get that to work?

    Thanks for reading.



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    Hola @Michiel81

    Si el móvil está cifrado mediante Encrochat, tendrás que ponerte en contacto con ellos para que te den soporte (nosotros no damos soporte a terminales con Encrochat, ya que ellos se encargan de modificar el firmware:


    Un saludo