Problems reaching customer service

  • Hello I'm having problems talking with bq customer service in merit of an order i made last month. The problem seems to be that they only deal through the telephone and i'm asking them to contact me with mail.
    Do you know how i can contact them?

  • Moderador

    Hi, @gggg :

    we recommend you to contact with the technical support department through the next link


  • Isn't there a way to contact them without the telephone?

  • Beta U Plus Oreo

    @gggg no, there are not other ways.

  • I have the same problem, link to track the package on the order confirmation does not work. In your website is says:
    Delivery date

    “At BQ, we work to ensure your order is received as quickly as possible. Once your order has been passed to the courier service, you will be notified by email of the estimated delivery date.

    The time taken from placing the order to the first attempt to deliver will depend on the chosen delivery method and the destination country. This period will vary between 24 hours and 6 working days (Monday to Friday).”

    I had one phone call back from customer service last Monday 12th August and they couldn’t give me a tracking number. I have requested another phone call back as the phone has not arrived yet.
    I want to place a formal complaint but cannot see how on the website.