[SOLVED] Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly.

  • Today I got this message on reboot. What is going on and how to fix it? I didn't install anything new recently.

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    I'm afraid your phonw will need a hard reset. Here you have a discussion about the topic (sorry but it is in spanish):


  • I did it, no improvement. It still says your device is corrupt when i power on or reset. It boots normally though if i choose to.

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    In my case a hard reset worked, but one month later the issue reappeared so finally I had to send it to support.

    I suppose you should do the same: https://www.bq.com/es/support/

  • Well thats not an option at all. I won't send my phone halfway across Europe (Im not from Spain), and it's too expensive just to ship it. This is my 3rd bq device btw (m4.5, x5 and now x). I will try manually reinstalling software from pc. It seems to me that bq team has again messed something up with the new android update. Like the last time when they messed up scheduled on/off and it took awhile for them to fix it.

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    Indeed with a hard reset I meant precisely reinstalling the software from PC.

    About the shipping costs, I don't know how it works outside Spain, but here if the mobile is less than two years old, the company will pick up the mobile directly at your home (that was my case).

  • BQ is not officially present on the market of my country. I tried reinstalling software (I did it before for my Bq m4.5) however for Aquaris X it asks me the unlock key. According to the manual BQ staff should provide me with one... If I get it I will install previous version of android that worked fine.

    Could I try replacing the official android with lineage os? Does it work good on this phone? I always wanted to try but didn't want to experiment or void warranty.

  • I have successfully flashed linage os to the device. However "Your device is corrupt" message persist. It wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't blocking my auto scheduled on/off timer.

  • I was provided with necessary unlock key by BQ for flashing the device and now everything is fine again. Thanks BQ staff!

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    Perfect, I'm glad to see you have solve it.