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  • I am a user of the bq aquarius x2 and my lens got scratch so I removed it and when I did that I saw that the camera  didn't stick out : I don't now how phone camera lenses work sow this might be impossible. But can you make the lens and flash for the upcoming bq aqurios x4 pro inside of the back glas because the phone will lay flatter on the table and it would look a lot nicer and please stop using plastic because my phone got really quickly scratcht ( i now it is my fault and I should use a case but it would be better if it was tempert glas or metal) 

  • @cyuzuzo the phone would be thicker if the camera bump were removed, especially when the camera sensor and lens are better. 

  • @impreza233 I removed the camera lens on my device and I didn't see a big Los in quality except for everything that is closeup.but I want it inside of the glass sow the extra thickness is in the glass ( lens seems thinner than the glas on an average glas phone

  • @cyuzuzo take care with this. Camera lenses are designed to protect the camera sensor of dirt and scratches. If you remove that (taking in mind that it's a modification which voids warranty), bear in mind this question. 

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    El grosor tiene una razón (no lo hemos puesto "a posta", no somos así de malos 🙂 )

    Las cámaras necesitan una distancia para su correcto funcionamiento.

    Somos conscientes de ello, tratamos de minimizar lo máximo posible este aumento. Esto es algo inherente al uso de las cámaras en móviles, sobre todo dual camera.

    Un saludo

  • @ impreza233 I already gave up my warranty (I fix my own display and I have enough time to fix the problems my self and if I can't fix it I will ask on the forum and they will probably have a solution.

  • @carlosma

    i get that it will be hard to make but the end product will look a lot cleaned and cooler (but the investment to make such a phone is probably to big for mid-range phone but still it would look nice

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    Hola @Cyuzuzo

    Como te indicaba, depende del sensor seleccionado y el tipo de cámara usado, como puedes observar es algo inherente al mundo del smartphone, sobre todo con el uso de la doble cámara.

    Un saludo