Still having problems with the notification LED

  • A lot of time has passed since oreo came out and the notification LED still doesn't work with most of the apps.

    I contacted google about this and they asked me if i had the option enabled in the notification settings, this option: IMGUR
    However, this option is missing on my bq phone and they told me that was probably the problem, that you probably implemented the notification LED in a different way than what's in AOSP. They also told me that pixel users don't suffer from this problem at all.
    Why is this option missing from our bq phones? It's like the notification LED is only useful for a couple of apps and to know when the battery is empty.
    I know i already talked about this subject in the past but at that time i didn't know about that missing option in the notifications settings.
    Thank you.

    Google translate:

    Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que salió oreo y el LED de notificación aún no funciona con la mayoría de las aplicaciones.

    Me comuniqué con google sobre esto y me preguntaron si tenía la opción habilitada en la configuración de notificación, esta opción: IMGUR
    Sin embargo, esta opción no se encuentra en mi teléfono bq y me dijeron que probablemente ese era el problema, que probablemente implementó el LED de notificación de una forma diferente a la de AOSP. También me dijeron que los usuarios de píxeles no sufren este problema en absoluto.
    ¿Por qué falta esta opción en nuestros teléfonos bq? Es como si el LED de notificación solo fuera útil para un par de aplicaciones y para saber cuándo la batería está vacía.
    Sé que ya hablé sobre este tema en el pasado, pero en ese momento no conocía la opción que faltaba en la configuración de notificaciones.

  • Take in mind that, after Android Nougat, each app is the responsible of his own LED notifications, so the behaviour of the LED in that apps could be different between them. If some app messes with the LCD now (on latest version of firmware), you should talk with app developers this issue.

  • @impreza233 it's like you didn't even read my message.

    As i said, users with pixel devices are not having these problems. Did you look at the picture i posted? The option "Blink light" is missing in the bq firmware. 

    Every time i speak with an app developer (or google), they tell me to turn on that option, but i can't because it's missing.

    If the problem is the app like you said, then why do they work on AOSP (like pixel phones) and lot's of other phones, and don't work on phones such as bq or xiaomi?

  • @nikkoaki ouch, it's true. I did not fully understand it. Sorry 😅. Hence it's a firmware issue, that could be solved in future versions of that.