BQ Aquaris X Pro turn off after logo

  • Hi, in these last days my phone started charging slower, without fast charge and today it won't turn on. Battery is at around 40% and if connected to the adapter, I can see the charging icone but the battery percentage goes slowly down. If I press power button it turns on, vibrate, BQ logo, Aquaris X logo and then black screen, vibrate and turn off. Since I press the button to turn it on, it takes 20 seconds to do all that and turn off. I wiped the cache and the data reset to data factory. Nothing changed. Still the same issue.

    Can anyone please help me? Thanks a lot, Simone

  • Hi Simone,

    looks like the battery is dead. You should check for warranty and return the phone to the bq service in your country or dealer.


  • Thanks Ulrich, warranty expired last summer. I'll just buy a new battery. Thanks a lot for your time 🙂