Aquaris X not detected by BQ Firmware flash tool 3.0.4

  • Hi there,

    In our AquarisX, in android mode, no wifi, camera, fingerprint, cellular network, no apps work.

    In power+volume up (fast boot) mode, it asks password. Then after giving 20 attempts, it gets into a mode where there is an Updater icon(but no update happens), and wifi connects, sim detects, but no dialer, and no app is there to use the phone.

    We tried to hard reset the phone to install android, but the phone is not detected by BQ Firmware flash tool 3.0.4 in computer in fast boot mood.

    I attach the screenshots. please help.

  • MVP

    Your phone has a special security firmware. It's not an official release (not bq made) and cannot be flashed.
    I suppose ypu have bought your phone with that software, so you should contact the seller and ask him for a solution.


  • it has bq aquaris x and serial number written on it. i bought it on ebay auction. plz help me to talk to bq technical team.

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    Obvious, it has Aquais X written and a serial number because is a BQ Aquaris X, but only the hardware because the software is completely changed. Take a look to this thread:

    There are several threads in this community regarding the same issue, and always with Aquaris X. And in every case, the phones were bought to another person.

    You can contact BQ support using the following link, but I don't think they can do anything if you cannot send your phone to the technical support service:

    Good luck