DNS Einstellungen

  • Hi.

    Bei meinem Aquaris X werden die DNS Einstellung aus dem WLAN nicht übernommen.
    Egal welche ich eintrage, es wird IMMER über die aufgelöst.

    Das möchte ich nicht, ich habe extra andere DNS Server eingetragen, sonst ist diese Einstellung ja sinnlos.

    Wie ändere ich dieses Verhalten?


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    Sorry for answer in english, I don't speak German.
    Where did you change the settings? Have you a DHCP server in your network?


  • Hi.
    No Problem.
    WLAN Settings -> static IP ...
    DNS1 is pointing to my own DNS

    nslookup is still using (Termux)


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    @hugoea ok, thank you for the information. I'll do some verifications on my device and will give you feedback about the results.


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    Hi again @HugoEA
    It seems like termux is using its own resolv.conf and not using the default android dns settings.
    I've made some tests and this is what I got:
    - Static IP addressing with a valid DNS different of I can use the internet normally. Some network tools indicates the right DNS server configuration I made, and termux uses when I use nslookip.
    - Static IP addressing with an invalid DNS configured: I cannot use the internet on any application except termux, that goes on using for nslookup, so I can resolv dns names even in that situation. I had the mobile data disabled and the WiFi icon crossed with the No Internet connectivity message at WiFi properties while doing this test.


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    Sorry to jumping into the conversation, but just found that it seems to be a known issue with termux:


    Best regards,

  • @willyfog

    Hi, but here it looks a little bit different.

    Having an own DNS and a Proxy who is using this DNS.
    If i enable the Proxy, some sites are blocked, so the DNS is working.
    If i disable the Proxy, the blocking is not working anymore.

    Both with the same static IP settings.

    The next thing is with my own local Domain .loc.

    If i enable the Proxy, .loc is working.
    If i disable the proxy, it doesn't.

    My PC's (Win+Linux), without Proxy, works like it should, blocking domains, .loc is working ...
    With the same IP settings, except the IP itself.


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    Hi again @HugoEA
    I thought your only problem was with termux and it's name resolution.
    I don't know exactly what's your network topology and what kind of network infrastructure are you using, but DNS is not a way to block domains or impending web browsing through a website. The way to do this is a proxy, which has to analyze the internet traffic and apply the defined rules.
    You told in your previous post that some sites are being blocked when the proxy is enabled, and if you disable the proxy, that sites are accessible: ok, I think this is what it should be.

    On the other hand you have the .loc domain issue: I think your proxy is doing more than just block some traffic, perhaps it's making some kind of bridging or routing between networks or between network devices.

    Regarding the PC's, the name resolution is rather different.

    In my opinion, you have a network configuration issue. Perhaps I could simulate a similar scenario with some VMs, but you'll have to wait until weekend at least.

    Finally, the name resolution on the Aquaris X seems to work fine. In the past I've used it to access local domains with on premises AD based DNS with no problems at all.