No more updates or security patches after januar 2018?

  • I bought an phone with 5 years (hardware-)warranty and after less than 3 years, there are no more  security patches?

    Yes, hardware-warranty, but at least security patches for the software ... 

    so, why should i buy BQ in the future?

  • Aquaris M5.5 was programmed to receive security patches updates every 3 months for 2 years since its launch; as it was launched in 2015 it will receive no more updates. In fact, BQ kept on launching updates for more than two years, as it was updated to Android 7.1.2 in January.
    The 5-year hardware warranty is different from "software update warranty" .

  • The M 2017 is practically the same. If that phone receives updates, the M5.5 could too.
    if the M2017 doesn't receive updates < 2 years after market release, the bq-service is very poor.

    dilemma for bq.

  • I understand your disappointment (I had a M 2017), but BQ said that both the M5.5 and M2017 had practically the same software and update rythm , so the M 2017 will receive no more updates, just as M5.5