QBookApp restarting on page turn

  • Hi, sorry for English (my Spanish is pretty basic yet to ask technical questions)

    So I've got developer firmware installed, and everything went pretty well yesterday (I've been reading my books). But today the reading app is crashing after a page turn. Even help guide. The book opens successfully, but when I try to turn the page (nevermind swipe or just tap) -- it crashes. I've managed to find out that the app exits with code 139 (which seems to be memory error or something). But I cannot see anything useful in the debug log. It ends with lines:

    QBookApp: 13:37:38.232 Debug: MouseFilter::TouchEventType MouseFilter::getTouchType() ELAPSED 228 ms, MOVED  QPoint(-923,101)
    QBookApp: 13:37:38.235 Debug: virtual bool MouseFilter::eventFilter(QObject*, QEvent*) RELEASE-TAP/SWIPE
    Segmentation fault

    Any insights how that could be fixed? I haven't recompiled/changed anything manually with the application yet.

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    This is a more "user oriented" forum so maybe you can't find here a response. You can check this other website:


  • Thanks @nachofr. It turns out that settings reset through UI fixed that issue. But next time I will try to collect more information about the issue and open ticket on github.

  • Just for future reference, I've opened pull-request with the fix: https://github.com/bq/cervantes/pull/9

  • @nachofr I've also tried to contact developers using their @bq.com emails I can see in git history, but the email server bouncing my messages back saying those emails do not exist anymore.

    I wonder if the project still have some developer/maintainer assigned to review/accept my contribution.

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    @avsej escribe a opensource@bq.com

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