Control de los ventiladores

  • Buenas, a ver si alguien me puede aclarar un par de cuestiones:

    En teoría desde el firmware 2.1.0 se optimizó la activación del ventilador de capa en diferentes porcentajes, yo trato de hacerlo funcionar mediante la inserción del código "M106 S255" para el 100% o "M106 S128" para el 50% pero cualquier valor mayor de cero que ponga después de "S" lo hace funcionar al 100% y si pongo "M106 S0" se para. Alguien sabe cómo hacer funcionar el ventilador de capa a diferentes velocidades?

    Por otra parte desde el firmware 2.4.0 se añadió soporte del ventilador de caja para impresiones por serie, ¿En qué consiste y cómo hacerlo funcionar?

    Muchas gracias por adelantado!

  • @marinoter


    I own a Witbox 2 since 3 years now and i have discovered the same issue like you. Its not possible to change the percentage of the fan with the current firmware. Its only 0% or 100%, even if i give the command "M106 S128".
    I think this is something for bq to fix.

    But i can give you a positive feedback to your other question: You can control the Box-Fan with the "M42 P10 P2 S255" comand (directly change the hardware pin's state).
    With this you can control the box-fan. but only when you configure the fan in the witbox 2 menu to be in on-state. otherwise the fan will turn off again, right after you give the comand to spin. 🙂

    I hope i could help you, even without my very bad spanish-skills.

    Saludos and many greetings from germany!

  • @marvin, Thank you very much, but assuming bq may fix blower fan % control, on the other hand I tried to control the box fan connecting by usb and sending the command "M42 P10 S255" after enabling the box fan in the config menu, and did not work, what I'm doing wrong?

    Best regards and thanks in advance!

  • @marinoter

    Good evening,
    Sorry for my late reply. Apparently, I had it wrong in my mind. It wasn’t P10, but P2 😊 Sorry for being to hasty, i wasn’t able to double check the right Pin-Number, because of a business trip. 
    So, the right command should be “M42 P2 S255” to turn on the fan and “M42 P2 S0” to turn off the fan.

    In fact, I mixed up the command for the fan and the light. With "M42 P10 S0", you can switch off the LED-Light inside your Witbox 2.
    But this works only if the Light is set to "on" in the settings of the printer itself.

    I hope this works for you now. 😊

    Other side facts about the M42-Command in Marlin-Firmware: marlinwiki/M42

    Best regards, Marvin