Bluetooth Aquaris X (connection problem in car)

  • Hi!

    I have a smartphone Bq Aquaris X and I have a problem that doesn't go away with any update (till now!)

    I can't connect bluetooth with the my car radio system (phone)...well sometimes is connected but is always disconnecting and fall down...the phone is updated and the car radio too.

    I don't understand what a hell happen, I always have Bq's and never had this kind of problems with bluetooth connection...

    Does any one have this kind of problem? Solutions?   Thanks.

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    Would you kindly share your build number? You'll find it at Settings > System > About phone > Build number.
    Also it would be useful if you tell us your car Bluetooth brand and model.


  • Hi.
    Phone Aquaris X Build number: 2.2.0_20180717-0830
    In car it's a MediaNav Bluetooth system (Clio IV).
    Everything is updated..I used to have a Bq Aquaris E5 HD and never had any problem with bluetooth connection.

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    What software version of the medianav system are you using?

    I've the same system and no problems connecting to it with the Aquaris X.

  • The software version on my MediaNav is 4.1.0 it's the same the you have?

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    wow, I have 9.1.3 released last month.

    I thought all clio's IV came with Medianav evolution, but from what you are saying I think you have the old medianav system, and not the "evolution" one. What's the year of the car, 2012~2013?

    As I said before I usted to have an BQ Aquaris E5 and never had any problem with Bluetooth connection...
    This one (Aquaris X) the connection is on/off everytime I enter the car...update everything (car and phone) and the problem remains 😕

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    Ahh ok, make sense. It's seems like the initial releases of the clio IV came with the old medianav system.

    Can you check the firmware version you have installed on your Aquaris X? Are you still on Android 7?

  • No, it's 8.1.0 and the patch (5 jul 18)..all updated any sugestions?

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    Can you restore the medianav to the factory defaults?
    Did your smartphone ever work properly with medianav?

  • In the beginning yes no problem, but suddenly and for no apparent reason this on/off situation appears till now.
    I have to check if I can restore MediaNav...
    I'm starting to think that this problem is with the phone itself, I read that BQ has some apparent issues with bluetooth connections in cars.

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    If you search the web you will find many other brands and devices with problems connecting to the old medianav (and to other hands-free systems). This happens because there is so many different multimedia systems, devices, and software versions in the market, that sometimes it's hard to guarantee full compatibility for every single combination.

    Did you make any firmware update to your BQ or to the medianav system when the problem appeared?

    If no, then try to reset your medianav and smartphone Bluetooth settings to factory defaults and see if that solves the problem.

  • One more question:
    It's normal (and I noted this a few days ago) that the bluetooth icon disappear on the top of the phone?
    On the bluetooth settings I see it's disconected but connects right that way?
    I find it a little bit weird.

  • I still have the same problem with my Bq Aquaris X...a few updates later and the problem remains...Kind of boring situation and maybe the last time I bought an Bq maybe people having the same problem and the brand doesn't do anything for change it.

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    Hi, @MkZ 

    In that case your better choice will be contact BQ support team, through this link you could call request them. 

    Best regards.