• Buenas tardes a todos, hoy he apagado el móvil, una vez lo he encendido no me reconoce la tarjeta SIM. Cuando lo he encendido NO me ha solicitado desbloquear la tarjeta SIM. De hecho, el mensaje que tiene es que está bloqueada. Alguna solución?


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    @{ctg77} ¿Has probado a extraer la SIM y volverla a poner por si ha habido algún problema? Si no la detecta bien en ninguno de los slot, puedes probar con otra SIM distinta para ver si es fallo de tu tarjeta habitual.

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  • Si, y sigue sin funcionar

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    @{ctg77} Si no funciona ninguna tarjeta SIM, puedes contactar con nuestro soporte técnico:

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  • Same for me, suddenly no SIM card is detected any more. It stopped network stopped working while browsing the internet and after a reboot the SIM cards were not detected any more - tried other cards, flashed standard bq Android, Lineage, ... no success...
    As the x5 is out of warranty it’s not worth sending it to bq as they ask for 20€ just for shipping and plus the labour it will be to expensive for the old phone ...
    Anybody any other suggestions or does anyone know a repair shop in Bristol, London, Cologne or Munich that does bq devices. All I asked told me that they can’t get any spare parts for it and won’t even try to fix it 😞

    Off topic: Btw did I mention that it is kind of weird that bq ditched the English forum - a mixed language forum is kind of a terrible user experience ...

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    Hello, @elastic 

    In that case your better choice it's contact our support team, in the link you could find how to reach them. 

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