At BQ we believe in the 3D world, given this, we have presented two new 3D printers manufactured in Spain. The Witbox 2 is a domestic 3D printer that includes a new and especially designed circuit board. The Hephestos 2 is a new 3D printer kit that boasts a renewed image inside and out, and the short time it takes to assemble is astounding.

The new Witbox 2 incorporates the latest technology, such as a CNC controller, expandable self-levelling, optimised cabling using ribbon cables, a new LCD screen with a navigation button and an in-house designed extruder with an easy-maintenance Hot-End. Furthermore, its firmware, derived from the Marlin and designed by BQ,  has been updated for a better user experience. The new Witbox 2  has more in store than you can imagine.


There’s also been various implementations done to the Hephestos 2, which now features a three-point print base levelling-system with shock absorption, and a 220 x 305 mm cold glass base. It also comes with an in-house designed extruder with double drive gear, traction adjustment, and a filament guide that maintains compatibility with flexible/soft filaments. The user interface has been enhanced, incorporating a new firmware derived from the Marlin. You can enjoy this feature, as well as many others, with the new Hephestos 2, which as we saw in its presentation, can be assembled quicker than you would imagine.


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