The application BQ Firmware Flash Tool has been developed by BQ to allow any user to easily flash a mobile device.

What is a Hard Reset?

This operation, also known as a hard reset, restores the device to its factory state and installs the latest version of the firmware available for your device directly from BQ’s servers.

This procedure will delete all the information and settings stored on the phone. If you wish to preserve the data, you should make a back up before using the Flash Tool.

Devices supported by BQ Firmware Flash Tool 3.0.0

This version is available to the next models: BQ Aquaris E5 4G, Aquaris E5s, Aquaris M5, Aquaris M5.5, Aquaris X5, Aquaris X5 Cyanogen y Aquaris X5 Plus, Aquaris U, Aquaris U Plus y Aquaris U Lite.

Necessary resources

1. The version 3.0.0 has been tested with good results in operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (in Windows 7 compatibility mode), Windows 10 (in Windows 7 compatibility mode) and Ubuntu 14.04. In other versions of Windows the application also responds but the drivers may need to be updated manually..

2. Internet connection

3. USB – micro USB cable

Download and unzip the flash tool

Firstly, you have to download the tool – access to, identify your device model and download the update files-.

  • Save the files in your computer desktop.

  • Unzip the downloaded folders of BQ Firmware Flash with an unzip program such as 7-Zip. Press over the file-> Extract ->Accept-> It will appear the BQ Firmware Flash Tool folder and inside two other folders: Windows and Ubuntu and the user guide.

  • Access to the operating system folder and select the proper file to your version -32 or 64 bits-.

How to install the BQ Flash Tool on Windows

Run the installation application corresponding to your system (32 or 64 bit) which you will find in the Windows folder of the file BQ Firmware Flash As it is a .exe file, you may need administrator permission. The BQ Firmware Flash Tool Wizard will open automatically.

1. Select the language and click Accept to begin


2. Accept the terms of the license agreement. Click Next


3. The next step gives us the option to create an icon on the desktop. Make your selection and click Next


4. The wizard will inform you that it is ready to begin installation. Click Install


5. The installation process can take a few minutes. Once completed, click Finish



AlertaYou have to consider that in some PCs with OS Windows 10, it will be necessary to disable the drivers signature in order to install the drivers properly. Whether during the drivers installation appears an error message, or right after the installation procedure your device is not recognized by the application, you should follow the guidelines below:

Press the button and then Settings.

  1. Press Update and Security.

  2. Press Recovery.

  3. Press Restart now.

  4. Press Solve problems.

  5. Press Advanced settings.

  6. Press Start-up settings.

  7. Press Restart.

  8. In the Start-up settings display,  press 7 or F7.

Right after, reinstall the App and check that the device connect properly to your computer.


Installing the application in Ubuntu

Run the installation application corresponding to your system (32 or 64 bit) which you will find in the Ubuntu folder of the file BQ Firmware Flash

 BQFFT-19 - copia

The package manager will open automatically. Click Install.

Once installation is complete, it is advisable to restart the computer to ensure that the Ubuntu graphical interface updates and the shortcut to the BQ Firmware Flash Tool appears in the menu.


How to Hard Rest if the device does not turn on

Unlocking the phone startup manager

For security reasons your smartphone is preconfigured not to allow flashing. To complete the flashing process you first need to adjust some settings. More specifically, you need to unlock the phone startup manager. Below are the steps to follow for phones running Android OS:

If the status of your device does not allow you to carry out the process laid out below (for example if the device doesn’t start up correctly, or because the touch function doesn’t respond) skip this step and go directly to the next section: Flashing the device.

1) In Settings, go to Developer Options. By default, this option is hidden in the menu, so you will probably have to unhide it. To do so, go to Settings and select About device.

2) Now go to Build number. Press Build number repeatedly to unlock Developer options



3) Developer options will now appear in Settings. Select it and access the menu


4) Enable the option OEM unlock.


Your phone is now ready to be flashed.

Flashing the device



The flashing process means that all data, music, photos, applications and settings stored on the device will be deleted.

If you want to conserve any of the data stored on your device, you should save it somewhere before going any further.

1. Run the application BQ Firmware Flash Tool


The user interface of the application is as follows:


2. Switch the device on in FastBoot mode. To do this, first make sure the device is switched off. Simultaneously hold the power button and volume down button.

NOTE: In the Aquaris M5.5 model, with the device switched off, press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons at the same time; the Recovery menu will appear. Use the volume down button to select the option “Reboot to bootloader” and short press the Power button to accept. In the case of Aquaris X5 Cyanogen, you will also enter to FastBoot mode pressing and holding the Power and Volume up buttons at the same time

3. Connect the device to the PC using the USB cable. The application will recognise the device, automatically detect its series number, and show it in the interface. Click Connect device.



NOTE: In the case of Aquaris M5.5 model, it could be possible the application not to recognize the serial number correctly, so that you would have to fill it manually. Once introduced the serial number, press Retry.

4. BQ Firmware Flash Tool will now check the cloud for the latest version of the firmware available for the device connected. If the latest version is not already downloaded on the computer, the firmware will be downloaded automatically.


Once the process of checking for and downloading (if necessary) the firmware is complete, the application will inform you of the latest available version, which will also be the one installed on the device if you continue the process.

For security reasons your smartphone may be preconfigured not to allow flashing. If so, the application will show the following message:


If for any reason your device has already been unlocked, the previous screen will not appear and you can omit step 5 of this manual and go straight to step 6.

5. Click Unlock device.

There are now two possible scenarios, depending on whether the manual OEM unlocking was carried out as described in the section Unlocking the phone startup manager in this manual

5.a. In the event that the phone’s developer functions and OEM unlocking have been enabled, the flashing process will continue below.

After pressing Unlock device the device will restart and automatically unlock. This operation may take a few minutes. The application will wait.

Once the above process is complete, the device will remain on in normal mode. Switch off the phone(there is no need to disconnect it from the PC).

Switch the device on again in FastBoot mode. To do this, simultaneously hold the power button and volume down button. The application will detect the device again, but this time it will be unlocked. The button in the application which allows you to continue the process will be enabled. Press Continue.

5.b If the status of your device has not allowed you to perform manual OEM unlocking, the application will request an unlock code.

To obtain this code, contact BQ Support at:


NOTE: In the case of Aquaris X5 Plus is necessary to confirm the unlocking using the volume buttons to select Yes when the Unlock bootloader message will appear in the screen. Once unlocked, when it will restart, during 5 seconds a special development settings access screen will be showed, it won´t be necessary to press any button, the starting procedure will be continue by itself.

6. Once the device has been correctly unlocked and the corresponding firmware has been downloaded, the application will tell you which version of the firmware will be installed in the flashing process.


7. Press Flash Firmware to begin the flashing process. This operation may take a few minutes, with the Flashing system step taking the longest.


 8. Once the process is over, the application will inform you of the result of the flashing process.


9. The device will automatically restart with the new version of the firmware installed and ready. The first time the device restarts after the installation of the new firmware will take slightly longer than usual.