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No-one can deny the influence that cinema has had and always will have on society. Technology has allowed us to enjoy more content than we had ever imagined.

High-definition televisions, together with mobile devices, have increased our consumption of series, particularly now that smartphones  and tablets  mean we can watch them wherever we like.

If you enjoy nothing more than watching series on your TV and on your BQ device, don’t miss this selection of technology-related science fiction series. Just as an aside, this list isn’t a ranking, just a selection.

1. Doctor Who

This is the longest-running science fiction series of all time. In fact, it appears in the Guinness Book of RecordsIt began in 1963 and is still going to this day.

The series is about a Doctor, also known as a Time Lord, who travels through time and space in his TARDIS.

Resembling a human, the Doctor is an alien from the planet Gallifrey. He can regenerate before permanently dying, changing his appearance and personality but conserving all of his memories.

As he fled his planet long ago, and with the navigation of his ship broken, he travels haphazardly through time and space. During his travels he tries to avoid crises which have taken place throughout history, and right the wrongs of the universe.

2. Mr. Robot

Elliot Alderson suffers from a disorder which prevents him forming good social relationships. He is a hacker  and works as a security engineer in a major IT company.

Elliot is recruited by Mr. Robot, the head of a mysterious group of   hacktivists who become active at night.. This group becomes involved in a mysterious plot while trying to destroy multinational companies which aim to dominate the world.

3. Fringe

This series is about a special FBI unit called Fringe, which investigates extraordinary cases and unexplainable events.

Leading this particular unit is agent Olivia Dunham, who contacts Peter Bishop, asking him to take his father, Dr Walter Bishop, out of psychiatric treatment. Agent Dunham thinks that doctor Bishop might have information about a case involving a crashed plane.

From then on, both father and son become part of the Fringe unit, where they become involved in a series of paranormal phenomena like trans-human experiments which challenge the limits of science.

Technology and biotechnology begin to be used for evil.

4. Black Mirror

Based on the advancement of communication technologies and their influence on society, Black Mirror shows the dark side of technological life.

In a world in which we are all constantly connected, this series aims to show how a flat screen, a mobile device or social networks can sometimes bring out the worst in humanity.

This is a thoroughly entertaining mini-series which is full of satire and dark humour.

5. The IT Crowd

The IT department of Reynholm industries, located in a dirty, chaotic basement, is inhabited by the socially inept IT geeks  Moss and Roy.

The new head of human resources is out in charge of this department. Jen, who has no IT training, is tasked with helping them maintain good relations with the rest of the company, with usually disastrous results.

A comical series if there ever was one.

6. Sillicon Valley

The shy and solitary Richard Hendriks, who lives with his friends Big Head, Gilfoyle and Dinesh, works as a programmer in an internet company called Hooli.

Meanwhile, Richard develops a music app called Pied Piper through a start-up  led by the millionaire Erlich Bachman.

Almost by chance, he discovers that the app contains an advanced compression algorithm. Following this discovery, two multi-millionaire businessman begin to show interest.

Richard debates between selling his algorithm to a company for 10 million dollars, or an investment from another in company in exchange for a 5% stake in a new start-up.

7. The X-Files

This cult series achieved great success in the 90s. Special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully marked a generation when it comes to paranormal events.

In the series they become embroiled in a storyline involving  government conspiracies, alien abductions, the development of technology used for unorthodox means, and the discovery of hidden alien technology  controlled by the government.

This year, the series is back with its tenth series, consisting of six new episodes.

8. Manhattan

This series, set in the Second World War, takes an alternative look at historical events.

The plot describes how the US army recruited scientists and their families into the military complex at Los Alamos, New Mexico, with the aim of building the world’s first atomic bomb.

The top secret Manhattan project, is almost like a concentration camp for the scientists, with extremely strict living conditions.

9. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was the first live-action series produced by Marvel Television, known for bringing the characters of the famous comic publisher of the same name to the big screen. It was produced by Mutant Enemy Productions, which specialises in fantasy and sci-fi series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse.

In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Phil Coulson, the new director of the spy agency SHIELD, decides to put together a special team after the Chitauri attack Earth. This unit is tasked with completing various missions around the world.

In these missions they take on various characters like superheroes, aliens, and sophisticated technology.

10. The Outer Limits

Another cult series produced in the 60s. Each episode was self-contained, meaning you could watch each one independently of the rest.

It was based on supernatural events and exploring the limits of science and technology.

A second stint ran fr 1995 to 2002. You might remember the voice-over  at the beginning of each episode: “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…”.


There are plenty of sci-fi series based on technology (whether human or alien), but there is nothing like  series based on space and other civilisations. As a bonus, here are five series I couldn’t bring myself to leave out.

Stargate is the quintessential military science fiction series.

Battlestar Galactica is another interplanetary series which everyone has fond memories of.

Star Trek is one of the most prolific sagas with the biggest legion of fans.

Babylon 5 is another sci-fi series based on alien civilisations.

V was another hugely popular series in the 1980s.

And to finish off, here are three other now classics which also made their mark on the 80s.

Blue Thunder is a film about an ultra modern and high-tech attack helicopter.

Street Hawk was created following the success of Knight Rider.

Knight Rider is another classic series which requires no introduction.

I hope you’ve found this selection interesting! It is a varied selection representing various eras and concepts, but always based on science fiction and technology.

If there are any series I’ve failed to mention, add it in the comments below.

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