Print with your bqMobile devices are gradually becoming essential and versatile work tools. Smartphones and tablets are now an important tool in most offices. We  already use them to send emails or edit documents, so why not use them to print? It might not be very common as of yet, but it can certainly simplify things at work.

You can use your BQ to print in an all kinds of situations. Doing so will help you be more efficient and save time at work. Print lists, images and documents without ever having to plug in a computer. You’ll just need an internet connection and a printer which supports Wi-Fi.

You can also print via Bluetooth or remotely, in the case of printers which have their own email address. In the latter case, all you need to do is send the files to the printer by email, from any device and wherever you are. It’s all very simple and intuitive. Not all printers support these features, so consult the manufacturer’s website in case of any doubts.

Print from your smartphone

Print from your smartphone

All of these tools, in addition to services like Google Cloud Print, will make printing as easy as going to the printer to collect your document.

A whole array of apps is available which allow you to print from your mobile. There are generic apps, which work with almost any kind of printer, and are very useful if you regularly work with printers of different brands.

There are also applications developed by manufacturers themselves, which come in handy if you always print from the same printer. These apps guarantee 100% compatibility with a wide variety of models from a particular manufacturer.



If you need one application which allows you to print from multiple printers, PrintHand might be the application you’re looking for. It’s not free, and the price might seem a little steep. However, it is frequently on offer. The free version only allows you print a test page. If you’re interested, the free version is available on the Play Store.

With PrintHand Mobile Print you can print Office documents, images, emails, attachments, events, call logs or text messages. It can also access files stored in the cloud (Dropbox, Drive, Box, etc.), and even Facebook albums to access the photos you want to print. You can do all of this straight from your BQ using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Print from shared Mac or Windows directories, work groups, domains and Active Directories. There are plenty of customisation options, and is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface.



Another good option, albeit more expensive , is PrinterShare, available here.

Price: Free*



This generic app is completely free, with all of its features unlocked. It does however contain adds and it watermarks all prints. If you don’t need to worry about careful presentation, StarPrint – Mobile Print App could be the free alternative you were looking for.  Download it free from the Play Store. To remove the watermarks you’ll need to stump up for the Premium version.

The unique thing about this app is that it offers multi print support, meaning you can print on different printers at the same time. In all other aspects it is similar to the previous app: you can print documents, PDF files, images, emails and contact lists. It supports more than 4,000 models and you can print on network printers, shared printers (SMB, IPP, LPD/LPR), printer box, printers shared through a router (Fritz Box) or JetDirect.



If you think you will only ever need to print from your home printer, the best option might be to go for a manufacturer-designed app. Each one has its own features, but for the most part they tend to work in the same way: detect the printer, choose the document or image to be printed, and if needed, change any print settings. These apps offer full compatibility so there should be no problems with the final results. Below are links to applications from some of the best-known manufacturers.

Brother iPrint&Scan – Play Store

Canon Print Service – Play Store

Epson iPrint – Play Store

HP ePrint – Play Store

Lexmark Mobile Printing – Play Store

OKI Mobile Print – Play Store

Olivetti Mobile Print – Play Store

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan – Play Store

Xerox Print Portal – Play Store

All of these apps are available on each manufacturer’s website, along with other mobile printing apps or tools.

You now know the advantages of printing from your BQ device, so if you have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer, why not give it a go and tell us how you get on.

Raúl Cifuentes (known in the forum as Raulete) is a micro systems technician. For some time now he has worked as an editor for MyBQ, Smartphone MVP, BQ tablet beta tester and active member of the BQ forum. His passion for technology, the Android world, benchmarking and "tinkering" with devices has led him to create his own blog on the Android world. He also appreciates high-quality image and sound.