ToolsThe versatility of the Android operating system and the endless apps which exist offer an almost infinite amount of possibilities. In the construction industry for example, apps are now available to facilitate certain tasks. If you work in construction or a related industry, I recommend you keep reading.

Handy Tools for DIYHandy Tools for DIY

Obviously, you can’t always carry a toolbox around, so this app might just do the trick if you’re ever in need of a measuring tool. This functional app includes, among other tools, a digital spirit level, which uses your device’s accelerometer. It also offers a protractor, ruler, and a plum bob. You can download Handy Tools for DIY free from the Google Play Store.

NB: Don’t forget to configure your device so that it works correctly with these tools.

Measuring tools

Measuring tools

If you want a similar application but need more features, take a look at Smart Tools. It is a paid app, but a little bird tells me that some of its features are available separately for free.

Price: Free*


ImageMeter - photo measureImageMeter – photo measure

ImageMeter – photo measure lets you measure dimensions, angles and areas in your photos. What sets this app apart from the competition is that it provides support for a wide range of laser measuring devices via Bluetooth. Don’t worry if your measurements are not accurate; you can always modify them later.

ImageMeter - photo measure in action

ImageMeter – photo measure in action

This app is really simple to use. Take a photo of the area you want to measure, use the measuring tools, and finally annotate the photo with the measurements, along with any notes. If you use the Area tool, and add the value of the height and width, the application will calculate the selected area. The following video contains a simple tutorial showing how to use the app correctly. You’ll see how easy it is to use and what a great tool it is.


GPS Fields Area MeasureGPS Fields Area Measure

For large measurements, GPS Fields Area Measure is a great option. You can measure areas on a map like plots of land, football pitches, and so on. It also calculates perimeters and the distance between two points. What’s more you won’t need to carry a notebook around with you, as all the measurements will be recorded in your BQ.

Measuring a football pitch

Measuring a football pitch

It’s intuitive and easy to use, as all you need to do is search for the location on the map and trace the area you want to measure. The app will then calculate the area automatically. For more precise measurements, you’ll have to use a suitable tool on the terrain. This application is ideal for rough calculations and to give you a general idea of the area in question.


Smart MeasureSmart Measure

If you’ve ever been without a ruler at a crucial moment, or needed to measure a large object such as a building, try Smart Measure. With this app on your BQ you can measure distances and heights and widths of objects using trigonometry. If the measurements aren’t precise you can use the application’s instructions or look at the diagram on the blog. If you think you’d find Smart Measure useful, download it from the Google Play Store. It’s free.

NB: Your phone’s sensors can vary depending on the operating system, firmware, and battery level. You can easily calibrate them in the calibration menu in settings.

Price: Free


Channel Hydraulic CalculatorChannel Hydraulic Calculator

Channel Hydraulic Calculator is an application which lets you easily calculate the geometric and hydraulic characteristics of all kinds of channels. You can choose from multiple geometric options, including all types of channels, ravines and basins. You can perform rough calculations of river flows by matching the shape of the flow to one of those contained in the app, as well as the correct Manning coefficient.

Calculating a channel

Calculating a channel

To use it, first choose the geometrical shape of the water channel, enter the dimensions, lining, and slope (horizontal or vertical). It includes various Manning coefficients corresponding to different coating materials.


To finish with, here are a couple of courses so you can take full advantage of your new found tools. If you’re an electronics lover, have a look at the popular application ElectroDroid, as well as Electronics Course. Both these apps will be very useful, as we live surrounded by technology.

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