Sunrise-WallpaperThere comes a point in all of our lives when we have more plans than we do time. Some things need to be prioritised, which is why it is important to be well-organised. Ten years ago, I would have said: Buy a diary. Nowadays, my recommendation would be to install Sunrise.

Sunrise is a calendar which works like a diary and is compatible with Android and Windows. Attractively designed, with simple yet well-thought-out features, it offers a simple way to see all of your tasks. What’s more, it can be synchronised with over 21 online services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote, Google, Trello, Meetup, Wunderlist and Google Tasks.

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Organise your tasks in one click

I’d heard of Sunrise, but I’d had such bad experiences with other calendars that the idea of using it hadn’t even occurred to me. I thought I’d be disappointed and end up swiftly uninstalling it, but I was wrong. I initially downloaded it because I was looking for a way to organise my tasks for MyBQ by day and by category, something which could send notifications and repeat tasks on a certain day each week.

Um… don’t all calendar applications do that? Yes, but surely not as easily as this app. In just three clicks you can create a task which will repeat for ever if you want it to.

Creating an event on the site and on Android

Creating an event

So far so good, but what if you’re like me and have multiple Google and Outlook accounts, as well as other accounts for apps like Evernote and Meetup, and you want to have everything in one place? It’s simple: Just synchronise them all with your Sunrise account, and Bob’s your uncle! No more switching from app to app to find out when you had to do a task or go to an event. Everything appears within a single application and across all devices.

Some of the many Sunrise-compatible services

Some of the many Sunrise-compatible services

Its ability to connect with different social networks, applications and devices makes life much easier. You don’t necessarily have to create tasks on your smartphone, you can also create notes and view your calendar on the web version, Chrome app, or tablet. This allows you to work and receive notifications wherever you are.

The best calendar for Android

The Android application is very well optimised, and it also has a widget which you can add to your homescreen, giving you a quick way of seeing all your events. There are two view options: three-day (for smartphones) and weekly (for tablets). What’s more, the app allows you to respond to invites you receive on various platforms.

The Android widget and the daily view

The Android widget and the daily view

Something I found surprising was its synchronisation with Google. Once, I received a flight confirmation email, and the next thing I knew the flight was added to my calendar, with the exact duration and layovers. The same happens with work meetings.

You might see this as slightly intrusive, but the app always tells you how it obtains this information. For example:

This event has been created automatically by Gmail. More info:

This shows how customisable the app is: it explains everything it does and lets you decide if you want it to continue doing so.

Every time I get to work or arrive home I look to see if I have any pending tasks, events, or notifications. This application allows me to plan both my professional and personal lives without ever mixing the two, as you can easily switch between calendars.

If any app has become indispensable to me, Sunrise would be it. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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