Aquaris-Star-Wars-BQIn 2013 BQ took a big step forward. After spending three years working on our devices, first e-readers then tablets, we decided to enter unexplored territory: smartphones.

Until then, our e-readers had been named after writers, like Cervantes, and our tablets after famous scientists, such as Tesla. But what about our first smartphone? Who could we name it after? A musician? A painter, perhaps? We knew that this decision could have a big influence on the success of our smartphones, as well as the future of BQ.

How could we make such a key decision? After a lot of reflection, we realised there was only one possible solution: We had to look to our origins, and find what kept us together… and of course, the answer was Star Wars.

Let’s be honest: BQ is a company made up of engineers. Engineers who love technology, robots, circuits, and of course characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Yoda. Especially Yoda. So we came up with the perfect name: Aquaris. The name of an ocean-covered planet from the Star Wars universe.

The planet Aquaris. Source:

The planet Aquaris. Source:

As well as being a small homage to fans of the saga, we thought it also sounded pretty good.

We also thought that by making this decision, the Force would accompany us on our journey into the world of smartphones. So far, it seems we haven’t done too badly. What do you think?

Aquaris in Star Wars