Hephestos-2The Hephestos 2 is the new 3D DIY printer from BQ. Inspired by the Prusa i3, it stands out from other models to offer a print quality which gives professional results.

This new model again comes as a DIY assembly kit, giving it that maker spirit which sets our 3D printers apart.

The Hephestos 2 can be set up in less than two hours, and the kit includes all the tools necessary to make the assembly process as quick and easy as possible.

With this model, additional and intermediary elements were dispensed with: it has fewer nuts and bolts and more interlocking pieces which fit together. This makes for a cleaner and more intuitive assembly.

The materials used in the Hephestos 2 printer allow that much sought-after print quality to be obtained. Aluminium and steel have replaced printed plastic parts, giving the machine greater stability and strength.

Hephestos 2

Hephestos 2

All of the electronic components in the Hephestos 2 have been developed by BQ.

The printer’s electronics include an innovative new feature: the ZUM MEGA 3D board.

This board allows better heat dissipation and contains all of the necessary components together in one component.

A new LCD graphic display has also been included to make the user experience simpler and more intuitive.

The Hephestos 2 is a great leap forward from a technological point of view due to its new extruder, fully developed by BQ, which includes a double drive gear. This allows perfect print quality with any kind of filament, including PLA, copper, bronze or wood, and even more complicated flexible filaments such as Filaflex.

Extruder with Double Drive Gear system

Extruder with Double Drive Gear system

In order to continue improving the user experience on an ongoing basis, the printer includes an inductive sensor which allows the bed to be kept level at all times automatically. The sensor calculates the inclination angle of the bed and adjusts the movement of the motors so that the extruder is always at the same relative height.

The print volume of the Hephestos 2 is 210 x 297 x 220 mm. We at BQ have decided not to include the hot bed in this printer for a variety of reasons:

  • Safety: The heated bed of a printer usually reaches 80-100ºC, which could cause burns if the printer is leaned on while it is switched on.
  • High electric current: The inclusion of a hot bed in a printer involves three times more energy consumption.
  • The need for a hot bed in a 3D printer:The majority of materials (including PLA, copper filament, bronze, wood and flexible filaments like Filaflex) do not require a hot bed to be printed.
  • The Hephestos 2 printer represents a new level of quality in 3D printers, but all that would be worth nothing if all of these improvements could not be shared, developed and ameliorated.

At BQ we are committed to co-creation, open source development and the maker spirit, so we have made the firmware and hardware 100% open. This means that they can be analysed, studied and shared by anyone. We believe this is the only way to continue growing our Technological Heritage of Humanity.


Ruben Sierra (@sgruben in Twitter) is an industrial engineer technician, specialising in Industrial Electronics. He is a maker and is passionate about programing, robotics, and 3D printing. He currently works in 3D tech support at BQ.