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  • Hi,
    after >2 years of use, the screen on my M5 is broken (touch still works, though) and the battery dies after very few hours of use. Is there a way to get a new screen and battery installed through BQ? If so, what would be the cost and how does the process work? I live in Germany.
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  • Hi @CJMax

    You can contact our support team in this link They gonna got you the answers.

    G. De Almeida
    Suporte técnico BQ

    Vias de suporte oficial:           Formulario-de-soporte_portugal.png
  • I have got to say that you are lucky to have your M5 work for two years. According to most assignment writing services uk the devices are not built to last long. They are pricey and all, but they are not long lasting and you are one lucky guy to have it for years.
  • While this can be annoying to IPhone 6 Plus users, it's not astounding: Apple said at the beginning that supply would be limited, as the concern is trying to deliver as many replacement batteries as it can to Can Someone Do My Dissertation Apple stores and Official Factories Stores both

  • This DIY iPhone half-dozen screen replacement video directions can show you the steps required to get rid of and replace the screen in regarding four minutes. we have a tendency to cowl the removal of the iPhone half-dozen replace the screen. we have a tendency to UK Essay Writing Service additionally show the way to replace the phone half-dozen digital display screen. iPhone half-dozen refabrication directions begin at 3:46. you may still be got to transfer the house button to the new screen.
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