Firmware update 3.0.0 Android 7.0 for BQ Aquaris A4.5

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  • @GdeAlmeida

    Months after the update, I am having issues still.

    Before I did not have groubles with the SMS, but now I am having trouble with some two factor authentication for my work and my phone just refuses to cooperate.

    Please tell me what to do (and how to find the serial number of my phone).

  • @GdeAlmeida: Is there any update about this issue?

    It's been three months since the last message and the problem is still not fixed. I've tried factory-resetting the phone and it helps for a couple of days - after that the problem reappears.

    I'm currently looking for a new phone and I'm hesitant about bq phones - they look pretty nice, but if similar problems like this one occur then this is a big downside.

    Michał Sapalski