Use original Marlin fw on a Prusa BQ Hephestos XL

  • Hello to all. For a few weeks I bought a BQ Hephestos XL and I'm already
    printing. I wanted to ask if I can use the original Marwin fw as the
    electronics is always a RAMPS. Do I guess I only need to change the
    configuration.h and configuration_adv.h .. files correctly?

    Thanks for your help
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  • Yes, first (obvious, but just in case ) you need  to select the board you are using, in configuration.h 

    #ifndef MOTHERBOARD

    And then

    // The size of the print bed
    #define X_BED_SIZE 240
    #define Y_BED_SIZE 210

    // Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.
    #define X_MIN_POS 0
    #define Y_MIN_POS 0
    #define Z_MIN_POS 0
    #define X_MAX_POS X_BED_SIZE
    #define Y_MAX_POS Y_BED_SIZE
    #define Z_MAX_POS 180

    Change the values for the ones you need.

    There are many other parameters you need to change in order to make the printer fully functional as the logic of the endstops, the filament diameter, the LCD config...

    My recommendation is to compare almost every value define in the original Marlin, with the ones defined in the bq original version. I did so, it only took me around 10 minutes and no problems in printing.