IMEI lost and no way to restore it Aquaris m4.5 (mt6735)

  • Hello,

    I flashed my aquaris m4.5 (and I had no backups). I've just rooted it and installed the last stock rom (firmware 2.0) everything works except the IMEI. I have tried to retore it in many ways and tools and I cannot do it.

     -The imei&SN writer tool doesn't go further Enter metamode (then it fails)
    - in MTK engineering mode there is no CDS information and I cannot install the app common data service
    - throught a shell I run the commands ALT+EGMR... but they do nothing.

    It uses MT6735m and in MTKdroid tools it is not recognized.

    I have tried many thing and I could not make. Please has anyone know a way to restore the IMEI?

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  • Were you able to solve It? I actually have the same issue with a BQ A4.5 (MT6735m)