Android Nougat Aquaris M5 update delayed

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    At BQ, we guarantee one Android version change (major upgrade) for all our smartphones. We are so committed to our update policy that we even send out two major upgrades when this is technically possible, something quite unusual in this sector. Such is the case with the Aquaris M5, which was released with Android 5.1 Lollipop, then updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and finally, it will be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat.

    The second version change is always more difficult because the greater the amount of time between the design and development of a model and the arrival of a new version, the greater the complexity of the process of integrating the hardware with the new firmware. Consequently, Android 7.0 Nougat will not be ready for the Aquaris M5 during Q2 as we had initially planned, however, we are continuing to work on delivering it to your devices as soon as possible. We'll keep you posted.
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  • Hi,
    do you have a new expected date of the release?

  • Nine
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    Guess I should have bought a Motorola G4. They got 7.0 ages ago and will also get 8.0.
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    Hello, it has been 2 months since we last received any notice, has a new target date been set? Thank you
  • No response at all so far. :)
  • No response at all so far. :)
    They are almost to release the new firmware or they don't read the forum.
  • For those who are tired of waiting; the LineageOS version seems to work quite well. I can't turn off the second SIM, but other than that I generally prefer it to the original version. Finally being able to remove the Google search box and use a 4x5 icon grid is great, and so is the ability to black list numbers. The main reason for switching was to get a more secure Android version which has a patch for the very serious wifi security issue, though. I haven't rooted the phone, it's not necessary.

    Notice that after you flash the TWRP bootloader you can't first turn off the phone and then turn it on again. You need to immediately hold both the power and volume up button, because the phone will just restart. If you don't the TWRP image you just flashed will be overwritten immediately.

    It does not work for M5.5, only M5.
  • Any news ? When is 7.0 about to be released for M5 ?
  • No information at all. The beta testing thread in the Spanish forum was closed a month ago because of all the complaints. They should just add patches to LineageOS instead, that way we would have had a much better Android much sooner, and with much more timely security updates.
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