Firmware update 4.8.2 for BQ Aquaris M5

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    We have just published update 4.8.2 for your BQ Aquaris M5. This update will be delivered to your device OTA, so your device will ask you to download and install it when connected to the internet.

    It contains the following improvements and fixes:

    • Security patch level: May 2017

    If you wish, you may install the update manually by downloading the BQ Firmware Flash Tool from the following link:

    Before carrying out the manual installation through the hard-reset method, please remember to back up your data since this process will delete it all. If you need help, see this article.

    NB: If you have altered your device's original firmware (rooting, recovery, deletion of system applications...) the update process might present you with some problems. Our advice is that you update your handset only after making sure that it has been previously returned to its original state.
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  • Hi,
    I'm very happy to see that you are updating this model and I'm eager to see the firmware with Android 7.
    After this update I have noticed an improvement in the system reactivity, but on the other hand I have seen an worsening in the battery performance.
    With firmware 4.8.1 the phone arrived at evening with at least the 40%  of the battery, now (with firmware 4.8.2) I must charge at mid afternoon.

    Do you have any suggest?

  • Hi,
    I have found that the problem was not due to the new firmware, but it has been caused by an app, whose update, released in the same time of the new formware, has introduced this bug.
    Because the battery is a bit old (2 year in November), the problem is now more visible.


  • Hi, the wifi keep on disconecting and reconecting all the time. No restart, cache cleaning did help. Any idea please ? It has the latest update at 6.1, 4.8.2
  • What is the latest  official cyanogen for this model? I think it performs better with cyanogen. Can anybody give me an advice?
  • Cyanogen has been replaced by LineageOS.
    Here (  you can find the firmware for aquaris M5.
    There is not officiale release only nightly build.
    I haven't tried it,so I don't know if it is stable or not.