Still no Vidhance

  • Its now been over 9 month since you started selling the X5 Plus, with "Vidhance video stabilization in future update", and 9 month since I bought mine, because of that "future Vidhance update".

    Now you start selling the X with Vidhance included??

    I've asked customer support several times and got the answer "don't have an exact date", "soon", "next update", "end of april 17"... But still no Vidhance.

    And now you don't answer anymore.

    I would like to request a full refund from my phone, as it does not meet the specifications it was sold with, and it seems you don't even want to take care of it anymore.

    Regards Henrik
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  • Yes, I'am too disappointed for that. It's almost a year. This feature looks so good.
  • This post post made me think. Thank you. Regards.
  • Is there any chance to get Vidhance in the near future? 
  • MGuijarro
    Administrator  (8074)
    Hi all,

    We still working on this feature, and we hope Vidhance will be included on futures version. 

    M. Guijarro
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