Update 1.5.0 for BQ Aquaris U Plus

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    We have released update 1.5.0 for your BQ Aquaris U Plus This update will take place OTA, meaning you will be asked to download and install it when your device is connected to the internet.

    The following is a complete list of the improvements and fixes:

    • Improved gyroscope operation

    If you wish, you may install the update manually by downloading the BQ Firmware Flash Tool from the following link:

    Before carrying out the manual installation through the hard-reset method, please remember to back up your data since this process will delete it all. If you need help, see this article.

    NB: If you have altered your device's original firmware (rooting, recovery, deletion of system applications...) the update process might present you with some problems. Our advice is that you update your handset only after making sure that it has been previously returned to its original state.
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