Firmware update 2.1.0 Marshmallow 6.0 for BQ Aquaris M4.5

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    We have just published update 2.1.0 for your BQ Aquaris M4.5. This update will be delivered to your device OTA, so your device will ask you to download and install it when connected to the internet.

    It contains the following improvements and fixes:

    • This update requires 1.5GB of free internal storage. Ensure there is sufficient space before downloading.
    • New version of Camera.
    • Improved user experience regarding Instagram videos
    • System clock improvements

    If you would like to download and install the update manually, please click on the following link:

    To install the update manually you would need to do a hard reset, we do remind you to backup any data that you might have on the device( if you need help, please read this article on how to backup data). To show you how to do a hard reset  please follow the instructions from this article.

    NB: If you have altered your device's original firmware (rooting, recovery, deletion of system applications...) the update process might present you with some problems. Our advice is that you update your handset only after making sure that it has been previously returned to its original state.
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  • After getting a RMA due to battery problems, my brother's M4.5 came already with this new version but the clock stopped again this morning... The update didn't solve this problem...
  • And when can I expect that update to be delivered to my phone?
  • I did contact your support 23th of march 2017 to know how to upgrade my bq 4.5 to Android 6.0.
    In your support answer dated 27th of march, support apparently did not know that there is an OTA planned (soon?), as they supposed that my bq's not being up to datte to 6.0 ,ight be caused by "some software failure".

    Please do advise your support to give COHERENT answers! It's not a shame to say "we need a bit mre time", but it is annoying to first learn I should try a wipe to attempt a manual upgrade because OTA has not automatically been done - and to to read THEN on this very page, that no OTA has so far been released for 6.0.

    Stop playing around, please! Give as a real hand, we don't want to buy new hardware because of  this!

    Kind regards
    Happy user of Aquaris M4.5 Android 5.1 FW 1.4.0 with sd-card 8GB
    By the way, the link in your above post dated march 3th for a MANUAL update is pointing to, which is constantly redirected to
    See my former post of this same day:
    Please do show us you are real pros! This is growing absurd!

    A no more satisfied customer!
    Happy user of Aquaris M4.5 Android 5.1 FW 1.4.0 with sd-card 8GB
  • And when can I expect that update to be delivered to my phone?

    Anyone? Moderator maybe?
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  • So, no update then?
  • MGuijarro
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    @The Dubster If you want to have the update, you should install it manually. You can find the instructions on the first comment.

    @renee We have just changed the link. Try again, and check if you can find the newest firmware.

    M. Guijarro
    Experiencia de usuario BQ.

  • @MGuijarro Had to do the Hard Reset the last time around. Certainly don't wanna do it again . Plus you should make sure that we as the customers can get updates OTA. Was about to upgrade to a U Plus. Gonna wait for that until I'm sure that you guys can deliver Upgrades OTA. Don't wanna have to reset my phone with every upgrade.
  • Silence again