Self destructing Hep 2

  • Has anyone done this, or had a near miss?

    I am a newcomer to 3D printing (I bought the Hephestos 2 as it was recommended as an entry level 3D printer, and I am actively trying to support the e-NABLE foundation) I assembled the kit, and had been experimenting with different adhesives on the print bed. This is the sequence of operations that I carried out:

    I switched on, and selected the menu item to insert the filament into the extruder. As the nozzle head was taking a minute or so to heat up, I took out the glass bed to apply some adhesive, which I left to dry next adjacent to the printer.

    Looking back at the display on the printer, it was awaiting my input, requesting to continue. I wasn’t aware of what was about to happen, so I pressed the button to continue. At this point, the print head was motored down, and because the bed was not in situ, it kept motoring down until
    a. The sliders came off the rails at the bottom, scattering the internal slide ball bearings
    b. The Sensor Pcb collided with the bed frame breaking part of it off
    c. The couplings between the z-motors and the threaded vertical bars were bent to try to accommodate the position of the print head carriage now that is had popped off the rails.

    I think that the root cause of this was due to running the filament loading routine when the print bed was not fitted.

    I'm left with a few questions, and a knackered printer:

    Why does the device need to travel up and down to change the filament?
    Why is there no warning about this scenario (a warning on the LCD screen, a warning in the documentation, a sticker on the machine, anything would be better than nothing)

    I would like to know what the community thinks as BQ technical support have not really wanted to enter into any kind of discussion about this.

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