Firmware Ubuntu 15.04 (OTA-15) for Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition

  • We have just released firmware OTA-15 for your BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition. This firmware will be sent as an OTA update. Your handset will request you to accept the download and installation when it is connected to the Internet.

    The list of bugs that have been fixed is as follows:

    • Oxide-qt 1.19.7
    • Improvement accessing certain webpages

    If you wish, you may install the update manually by downloading the files for your device right from the following link (the links will be added throughout the day):

    Before carrying out the manual installation through the hard-reset method, please remember to back up your data since this process will delete it all. Please check out the installation guide if you need help with the installation process. Alternatively, you may follow this guide to carry out the installation on an Ubuntu-powered computer.

    Note that if your phone is the Android version of the Aquaris E4.5, you can also install this firmware, but you will only have access to the developers version of it. The only difference is that the developers version does not include some licensed applications such as the app 'Here' or the 'Nearby' scope.
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