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  • Dear BQ moderator and BQ community,

    My BQ Aquarius X5 Plus lost the mobile network. I was in a larger building in which (probably) the signal of my network operator was not very strong. The phone lost the signal and never got it back, even did not do it afer I went out and stayed outside for one and half hour. This all happened in a city where the signal of my network operator is always on full. The same phone, at the same places has had full signal before the network loss.
    The strangest thing was that the phone was not able to connect to the network again after it lost it. Therefore, I tried to search and connect to the network manually: I selected it, but the phone was not able to connect to it. I did this several times without any success... Then, I switched the phone off and rebooted it again. Needless to say, it has immediately connected to the network...

    Can somebody help me with this issue?

    Thank you in advance.
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  • D you have the last update ? 1.6
  • I have just checked this forum as my Aquarius X5 Plus still struggles with the same problem... It does not even need to be in a building to lose the network. Full reception for five-six days and then from one second to the other zero reception; and this stays for weeks. I live in a city, where the coverage of my carrier is always full.

    thetox, thank you for asking. I updated the firmware regularly: 1.6 first than 2.0.0 and since June it runs 2.1.0. The problem persists...
    Do, I have a faulty item?

    Anyone any idea?
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    Hi @kothenczgyula

    Have you tried with another SIM on your device (better if they are of a different company)? This happens if you put the SIM card on slot 1 and 2?

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