X5 plus wifi problems?

  • Has anybody of you X5 plus owners had any problems with the wifi?

    The connection is reportedly good in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, but with the X5 plus I'm experiencing stutter in the data transfer, something from some seconds up to a total lockup which I can only resolve by restarting the connection on the phone.

    Since the router (a tplink wr1043nd running ddwrt) is working fine with several laptops, tablets and smartphones, I suspect a problem with the phone, either hardware or software. Could you out there please test this and report back here?
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  • Hi, 
    have the same issue here. Ticket created but till yet no answer.
    Check this:

    Best regards
  • I've also filed a ticket for this.

    Moreover, using a downloader app which has throughput measurement, I noted that speed is heavily influenced by the spatial orientation of the phone. Having it flat on my desktop produces much less throughput than in upright position. Even rotating it on the desk produces noticeable throughput differences.

    I think I never had a phone that sensitive. I reckon my old one has a much better wifi reception.
  • I got this answer today:

    We recommend that you perform a factory data reset through the path:
    • Settings > Backup & reset > [Disable the 'Automatic restore' and 'Back up my data' functions] > Reset phone.
    We remind you that last procedure will erase all data, files and apps, so we advise that you perform a previous back up. Find more details on this post: http://www.mibqyyo.com/en-articles/2015/10/07/backup-everything/.
    Right after the factory data reset, disable also the 'backup' option during the setup. Afterwards, check the behaviour of the phone before installing new apps.

    It looks like that this Factory-reset helped me out, but I want to observer this next days.

    Finally I had to exchange my xiaomi wifi router 3. With the FritzBox I have no problems anymore at home. 
    At least I had that issue several times in some hotels when traveling.
  • Yes, I have experienced some wi-fi problems with my X5. I have sought best professional writing services to find a solution for that. I am sure that you can find a reliable answer for your problem from here.