bq camera app problem with external sd

  • Hi all. Firmware 4.1.0.
    When I use bq camera app with internal storage, the app saves photos in /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera. It is ok.

    When I use the app with external sd card, the app saves photos in /storage/sdcard/Android/data/ It is not ok. In gallery photos not in Camera folder, they are in folder. The app must save photos in /storage/sdcard/DCIM/Camera

    Please fix this problem
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  • Hi evlah, I had exactly the same issue and I fixed it like this:

    1. Open camera -> settings -> restore default setting of camera
    2. Change the photo storage again to external SD card.

    After I did this, my SD camera folder changed from back to DCIM/Camera.

    Hope this helps!