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    I have a problem using Viber for vocal use (via 4G or WiFi) - Viber client version : latest one, but same behaviour with the last 3 versions.

    My Aquaris E5 is the 16 GB RAM model. 

    Viber used to work very fine until Android OS 5.0.2 version included.
    Since my upgrade to 5.1.1 (Firmware 3.2.2), I can not get Viber to work correctly for "phone / vocal" usage : people at the other end of the line can not hear me.
    Here are the tests I have performed :
    - calling w/o headphones : no luck
    - calling with headphones (the same set at the one I was using before) : no luck
    - trying to make a "vocal note" (Viber function) to a friend : when I listen back the record, the level of my voice is close to zero : if I set the volume to maximum, then I am able to hear my voice in the very far distance. I can hear it a little bit more when using headphones. Same result if the vocal note is made via the headphone or via the internal microphone of the phone.

    This behaviour is what I get 99% of the time. Be I lucky, 1% of my "phone" calls via Viber are OK : the other person will hear me (with a very clear and loud sound).

    I have tried using Viber on a tablet and it works like a charm (using the headphones I have for the E5).

    I remember having updating Viber client right after upgrading to Lollipop. So I do not know which upgrade is the foe!
    I have tried downgrading Viber client to previous version (the one which was OK with Android 5.0.2) and no luck : no voice heard.
    I have tried to downgrade back to 5.0.2 but something obviously went wrong and my phone was blocked. Cheers. After some thrills, I have successfully reactivated 5.1.1 and not willing to try my luck once again! :p

    Last but not least : I have made a phone test via Messenger and it worked fine. So it tends to show that the problem is with Viber, somehow. But I would like to know if you have any clue on that point.

    Thanks for any possible help on that point.

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  • Update : 
    - it seems that when I am answering Viber calls, I have 100% luck in being heard.
    - I have read on an another forum that there is a known bug with this phone : the microphone interface/driver sometimes gets lost and one should reboot the device. May it be a clue to my problem?