Update 2.3.0 for Hephestos 2

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    We have just published the 2.3.0 firmware update for your BQ Hephestos 2 printer. This version includes the following improvements and corrections: 

    • Improved Serial communication. 
    • Statistics problems fixed. 
    • Adjustment of extrusion setting 
    • Frequency changed to reduce sound in the motors 
    • Added the possibility to compile code for the filament sensor 
    • Added a reminder to change the PTFE tube 

    You can download the said firmware version via the following link: 

    You can update your printer using the updater, which can be downloaded from here

    If you want to download the Marlin firmware it can be done via this github link.
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  • I have problem to update firmware with 2 ZUM board on 2 different computer

    First the program check the godd com port OK (com7 and 42 on second computer)
    After "conect the device" and wait............................................
    If i abort the recognition of printer with cable, the manual sélection and download is OK

    Have you a solution to resolve this problem ?